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Mongolia News / Others / September 17, 2015

1800 citizens learn English – free

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The “Mongolian Student Youth Federation in Foreign Universities” claimed that they are going to teach English to the 1800 citizens of the Ulaanbaatar free.

Approximately, 100 students, who study abroad prepared, to provide English knowledge via the “District with English Language -2015” project. In framework of the project, they will teach to the 1800 citizens. Their studying programs have three levels: elementary, intermediate, and upper mediate. In order to select the students, 10.000 lottery will be delivered to the people, through the every housing committee (khoroo) of the nine districts. After this,1800 people will be chosen. The English classes will start from 1st October to the 15th November. Every level will have 48 hours curriculum at the hours between at 10.00-20.00.

In addition, “Mongolian Student Youth Federation in Foreign Universities” has organized the programs, namely: “Dormitory with English Language” and “Province with English Language” since January 2015. In these programs, 5000 students, 15000 citizens of the 18 provinces have involved.


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