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2014 Development projects: New thermal power plants and improvements in soums

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The following is an introduction to major development projects for 2014. They will be financed with project investment, foreign investment and bond sources.

One trillion MNT to support domestic industries

This year, the Mongolian government is to support import-substituting industries with one trillion MNT. In other words, 2014, the Year of the Wood Horse, will become a year of industrialization. The government has finished reviewing projects for domestic products to be manufactured and financed by the one trillion MNT. The project will support some 800 import-substituting businesses out of 1,151 that applied for the program. Starting this year, Mongolia is aspiring to become a producing country, instead of an importing country.

Apartments for 1,000 families to be built in all provinces

A large project for infrastructure in the building and rural development sector will be implemented this year. Apart from the new soum project for 16 soums of 16 provinces, an apartment program in each province to house 1,000 families will be implemented. The work is concentrated on building private apartments.
Apartments will be built in Tsengel soum of Bayan Ulgii Province, Khishig-Undur soum of Bulgan Province, Tseel soum of Gobi-Altai Province, Khalkhgol soum of Dornod Province, Tselmen soum of Zavkhan Province, Shaamar soum of Selenge Province, Mankhan soum of Khovd Province and Ikh Uul soum of Khuvsgul Province.

Thermal power plants to be built in eight provinces

A major project will begin for the energy sector. Infrastructure development and the construction of new thermal power plants and thermal lines will soon begin. In total, 160 billion MNT is planned for this. Bayankhongor, Zavkhan, Uvurkhangai, Tuv, Arkhangai, Gobi-Altai, Dundgobi and Khentii provinces are included in the project.

21 kindergartens established at the state level

This year, a new development project for the education sector, with estimated costs of 61.96 billion MNT will commence. Notably, construction work for 21 kindergartens will begin and be commissioned. Furthermore, seven new schools will be established at the state level. Three will be established in Ulaanbaatar and the rest in rural settlements.

16 soums of 16 provinces to be renovated

A major development project is commencing in 2014, establishing modern standard soums with wastewater treatment plants for households and institutions in 16 soums of 16 provinces. Eighty billion MNT was approved from the budget and five billion MNT will be spent on each soum. Apart from Bayankhongor, Gobisumber, Darkhan-Uul and Orkhon provinces, one soum from the remaining 16 provinces will be selected for renovation.

Dornod, Khuvsgul and Umnugovi provinces to be connected to the capital

By the end of 2016, all provinces will be connected through roads to Ulaanbaatar. In 2013, Bayankhongor, Dornogobi and Dundgobi provinces were connected to Ulaanbaatar with paved roads. This year, Dornod, Khuvsgul and Umnugovi provinces will be connected. Associated funds will not be provided from the budget, but with funding from Chinggis Bond. Although the road work for these three provinces started last year, it was halted due to contentions with contractor companies. The work will continue in spring.



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