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Featured News / Mongolia News / Others / August 18, 2015

Articulated bus service begins

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Nine 18.7-meter-long articulated buses started serving the public for transportation from Tavan Shar to Peace Avenue and the Officer’s Palace on August 15.
A renewed public transportation plan began on August 15, aiming to decrease traffic and decrease the overlapping of public transportation routes.
In locations identified as needing the most attention, 170 large buses and trolleybuses, 20 of which are articulated, will be transporting passengers along seven routes. Fifty-two short cycle buses will travel on six routes, including Tavan Shar to Sapporo and from the Officer’s Palace to Dunjingarav.
Thirty-eight large and 30 mid-sized buses will be in service along 13 routes to Shargamorit, Gorodok, Terelj, Nalaikh, Ulziit, Tuul Village, Sanzai, Nairamdal Camp, Biocombinat, Emeelt, Khonkhor, Malbordokh, and Baruun Turuu. Five hundred large buses will serve the routes remaining unchanged.
Payment methods were also revised under the public transportation reforms. Passengers paying fares with the new bus smart cards are eligible for free transfers within 30 minutes of swiping their card.
Smart cards for college students, available for 3,200 MNT, are now out of print and will be available again when school starts.


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