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Economy / Featured News / Mongolia News / August 13, 2014

Average Household Income Rose 9.9%

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According to the National Statistics Office’s study of the second quarter of 2014, the average household income currently rests at MNT 924.1 thousand. This represents a growth of 9.9 percent, or an increase of MNT 82.9 thousand. The main reasons contributing to this rise is due to an increase of MNT 70 thousand from wages. The rest comes from an increase in agricultural production.
It is also important to consider expenditure levels. The average household’s spending reached MNT 920.3 thousand. This is an increase of MNT 148.1 thousand, or a 19.2 percent increase. Expenditure levels rose due to a rise in the prices of non-food products, services and other spending areas. This contributes to 25.2 percent of the total.


SOURCE: Mongolian Economy

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