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Mongolia News / Politics / December 2, 2014

Ch.Saikhanbileg appoints new chairmen in law enforcement

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On Wednesday, the Cabinet held its regular meeting, during which Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg replaced and appointed new heads of some law enforcement organizations.
Chairman of the General Authority for Implementing Court Decisions S.Buyandalai has been dismissed, and B.Bilegt was appointed the new chairman.
Chairman of the Central Intelligence Agency B.Ariusan was dismissed and replaced by B.Khurts, and Chairman of the Central Police Department S.Baatarjav was dismissed, with R.Chingis becoming the new chairman.
T.Batmagnai was dismissed from the position of chairman of the General Department of Taxation, and B.Ariusan was appointed as his replacement.
The appointments of the new Prime Minister raised some controversy.
Appointing B.Khurts as chairman of the CIA, when he wasn’t dismissed by the Parliament from his position with the Independent Authority Against Corruption raised problems for the new Prime Minister.
Critics say that appointing the former Vice Chairman of the Authority Against Corruption (ACC) as the new chairman of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) violates the Constitution of Mongolia. According to law, the appointment or dismissal of a chairman or vice chairman of the ACC should be submitted to Parliament for discussion and approval.
There are media reports that the issue will be reviewed by the Constitutional Court.
Speaker Z.Enkhbold decided to hold a meeting of the Standing Committee on Justice to discuss the dismissal of B.Khurts from the position of vice chairman of the AAC, and submit the results of the committee’s discussion to Parliament.
On Thursday, Advisor to the Prime Minister Ts.Munkhtur made a statement to journalists, saying that appointing B.Khurts as chairman of the CIA did not violate the constitution.
“According to the law, the issue of appointing and dismissing a chairman or vice-chairman of the AAC should be submitted and discussed by Parliament, but we spoke with the vice chairman of the AAC on his appointment as chairman of the CIA. If the person requests a dismissal, it doesn’t violate the law. The Prime Minister has the right to make appointments without waiting for the structure of the new government. State work has to continue,” said Ts.Munkhtur.


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