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Contract to develop Doloonbuudal and Bayakhoshuu ger district area approved

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According to Finance Minister Ch.Ulaan, 1.3 million Mongolians were living in Ulaanbaatar by 2012, indicating that over the last ten years, Ulaanbaatar’s population has increased by six percent annually. In order to resolve the issues that ger districts face, in cooperation with Asian Development Bank, an investment program to develop and improve Ulaanbaatar’s ger districts will take place in three phases over the next ten years.
The program correlates with the “Street” project implemented by the Economic Development Ministry. Within this ten-year term six sub-centers will be created in ger districts.
Population, mass migration, and the number of people living in ger districts are increasing year by year, however, development policy to improve ger districts, infrastructure and land use management has been insufficient. In accordance with the “General plan amendment to develop Ulaanbaatar until 2020 and Ulaanbaatar’s development outlook to 2030”, approved in 2013 through Parliament, the population of Ulaanbaatar is expected to increase by 400 thousand citizens in the next decade. This mass migration will cause over-crowding in the city and will create challenges for city residents.


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