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Featured News / Mongolia News / Others / May 21, 2014

Crosstown railbus arrives in Ulaanbaatar

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A 136-seat RA-2 railbus with capacity for 250 to 300 passengers arrived in Ulaanbaatar on Friday and transported its first passengers from Ulaanbaatar Central Station to Tolgoit Station.
The official launch of the railbus service will be on Friday, June 6, and it will transport passengers between the two ends of the city, from Amgalan to Tolgoit, in 46 minutes at an average of 100 kilometers per hour. The railbus is scheduled to run three to six times a day according to train schedules and railway traffic.

The railbus will stop at six stations on the way, reported D.Boldbaatar, vice director of the Rail Management Division at Ulaanbaatar Railway.
The stations are Tolgoit, 5 Shar, Ulaanbaatar Central Railway Station, Dundgol, Narantuul, Janjin Club and Amgalan Station.
A total of 300 million MNT has been budgeted for building four designated stations for the railbus and the overhaul of one existing station.
Ulaanbaatar Railway will launch construction of a designated railbus rail this year and will complete it next year for 18.4 billion MNT. Rail construction has already begun from Kharkhorin and Tolgtoit stations.
The ticket price and schedule of the railbus service will be announced once they are approved by Ulaanbaatar Railway administrators.


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