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Featured News / Mongolia News / Politics / April 25, 2014

Decision: Justice Minister Temuujin Is To Resign

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Permanent Legal Committee of the Parliament have just concluded (9:30pm Thursday, April 24, 2014) its special, urgent, closed-door meeting called for Minister of Justice, Temuuin’s case. Justice Minister Temuujin has been accused of at least two publicly known cases: one, giving his son for adoption to a Mongolian diplomat to avoid tuition fees for his son who was sent to Canada for secondary education; two, Temuujin is suspected to have been involved intimately (extramrriatal affair) with 17 year old prostitute who was caught using drugs with two of her friends.

Despite Temuujin’s denial of the accusations and pleading appearance on national TVs, investigations on the cases went on and brought up hard evidences against Temuujin and some members of the parliament including Baasanhuu of the Mongolian Revolutionary Party pressed for taking the case seriously and called for Temuujin’s resignation. Consequently, the Legal Committee of the Parliament had to take the matter into its own hand and “discussed” it in a urgent closed-door meeting this evening.

Democratic party sponsored site has just reported now, at 9:40pm, Thursday night, that Legal Committee has made a decision on Temuujin’s case and it was to request Temuujin resign the post as Minister of Justice. (it’s understood that the Committee’s decision for the request to resign means removing or ousting Temuujin regardless of what Temuujin says).

However, it’s reported that the decision to oust Temuujin out will officially be announced tomorrow. The Permanent Legal Committee consists of 19 members and only 15 were in presence for the urgent meeting and 12 out of 15 participants, voted YES to “resign Temuujin” and three members consisting, R. Gonchigdorj, S. Bayartsogt, and Kh. Temuujing himslef voted NO.

SOURCE: Politics News

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