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Economy / Featured News / Mongolia News / June 13, 2014

DP delays discussion of Economic Development Minister’s dismissal

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At the meeting of the Parliamentary Economic Standing Committee meeting, attendees discussed a parliamentary resolution to adopt directions to develop Mongolia’s economy and society in 2015, draft amendments to the resolution, a draft resolution on defining state ownership shares from Tsagaan Suvarga mine, and issues related to the dismissal of Economic Development Minister N.Batbayar.
The meeting attendees decided to bring up the issue of amendments to the draft resolution later, once the Law on Minerals is approved. The Democratic Party (DP) group in the Parliament made a request to postpone the discussion of the dismissal of Minister N.Batbayar. DP Chairman D.Erdenebat pointed out, “The demands to dismiss Economic Development Minister N.Batbayar are rude, slandering the Minister’s reputation and distorting the situation. For instance, the demand mentions incorrect numbers in the state debt and budget loss, etc. Therefore, we have delivered official documents to clarify whether the demand has any truthful grounds. Responses have not yet been received. Thus, we are requesting to postpone the issue, as it should be examined and reviewed carefully.”
Upon the results of a vote among members, the issue has been postponed for later discussion.
Earlier, Mongolian People’s Party members M.Enkhbold and S.Byambatsogt submitted a draft resolution of parliament to Speaker Z.Enkhbold calling for the dismissal of incumbent Minister of Economic Development N.Batbayar.
“He should be dismissed because he breached the law when realizing the general policy on investment, the policy and regulation of foreign investment, and the policy and planning of loans and assistance, which are reflected in the law on economy,” they said.


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