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Economy / Featured News / Mongolia News / Politics / October 16, 2014

Draft government budget of 2015 withdrawn

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The government of Mongolia submitted a draft government budget 2015 to parliament.

But MPP caucus and Ulaanbaatar city administrators in parliament demanded to withdraw the draft government budget 2015.

Head of MPP caucus and head of task force on budget D.Oyunkhorol submitted a demand citing five issues to insist taking back the draft government budget 2015 on Tuesday.

The demand cited that “The draft government budget 2015 and other draft bills regarding the budget submitted to parliament do not include the current economic situation. They are inconsistent with monetary policy and with measures to get rid of the economic crisis. It seems that these draft bills are illegal in violating current laws and regulations and might cause tax pressure for citizens and other entities.”

Thus, the government has reached the decision to withdraw the draft budget of 2015.


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