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Mongolia News / Others / December 25, 2015

First University Hospital

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The Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences (MNUMS) is to have the country’s first university hospital under a grant of Japanese Government. This will involve the construction of a brand-new hospital building.

The project of the university hospital was first proposed in 2010. The Ministry of Education Culture and Science and Ministry of Health presented the project to Japan in 2012. For the implementation of the project, the Mongolian Government has provided an eight hectar site in the 8thkhoroo of the capital’s Bayanzurkh District. In the meantime, a joint team of Mongolian and Japanese specialists have been studying the construction practicalities. On 22nd December, the two sides signed a memorandum for the construction of the hospital. “Kanto Construction” has been selected to oversee construction, which will begin next year. The hospital will be opened in the 1st Quarter of 2018.

The University Hospital will have 150 beds and departments forgastrology, gynecology, post-natal and maternity, pediatrics, traumatology and neurology, as well as surgical facilities and emergency aid.

The special feature of this hospital it will be the first Mongolianuniveristy hospital, which will benefit the health of the population and the education system of the country.


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