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Featured News / Mongolia News / Politics / October 28, 2014

GIA reports that fake DP-MPRP ‘secret’ treaty generated by MPP

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The General Intelligence Agency (GIA) reported that the “secret” treaty publicized and said to have been established between the Democratic Party (DP) and Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party (MPRP) was generated by members of the Mongolian People’s Party (MPP).
The recent cooperation treaty established between the DP and MPRP has been controversial, with special concern arising over information about a “secret treaty” or appendix to the agreement. Head of the DP N.Altankhuyag made a statement last week claiming that the “secret treaty” did not exist and he would be pursuing an investigation of libel.
Chairman of Public Affairs of the GIA, J.Buyandalai, confirmed in a press conference that a GIA investigation revealed that the secret treaty reported to have been established between the DP and MPRP was fake.
The GIA investigation suggests that the document was generated by the Chairman in Charge of the Media and Public Relations department of the MPP, N.Demberel and other party officials. The investigation is ongoing.
After the press conference given by the GIA, the MPP made a public statement at the State Palace.
The MPP’s Secretary-General, T.Gantulga, and attorney Radnaased participated in the press conference, saying, “On October 22, around 1:00 a.m investigators entered the MPP’s central office and took the computer’s hard drive. They investigated press agents of the MPP. The GIA is libeling people, it’s not a private investigation bureau.”
They cited information from the report made by J.Buyandalai and said, “the above mentioned N.Demberel was working as the MPP’s Head of Secretariat, but he was removed from the position.”
An un-official source reports that N.Demberel delivered his work on Thursday.
MPP representatives state that the “secret” treaty was not created by its party. Moreover, they announced that the MPP will appeal to prosecutors and law enforcement for the publishing of libel against the MPP. spoke with MPP Secretary-General T.Gantulga about the report.

Did your press agent report to the GIA that the secret treaty was made by the MPP?

These are political orders. The GIA’s investigators entered the MPP’s headquarters without permission and confiscated the computer’s hard drive. Moreover, they lied to the contract worker and took him to the GIA for interrogation. They also raided the press official’s house and searched the property for many hours, but they didn’t take any testimony from N.Demberel or any of the MPP’s authorities. The investigators even told the contract worker to not say anything to the party’s authorities.

When and why did N.Demberel resign?

He left his job at his own request. This is a human rights issue. It raises our suspicion that the investigators didn’t take any testimony from him. The GIA is an organization investigating crime, but not the private investigation bureau of N.Altankhuyag. This is because the Head of the GIA is un-professional. According to the law, only cases which can’t be delayed may be investigated in the middle of the night.


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