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Featured News / Mongolia News / Politics / October 9, 2014

Legislature passes government restructuring bill

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On Tuesday`s parliamentary session meeting, final discussions were made on drafting bills which would add amendments to the laws of Mongolia concerning governing laws and state structure.

Head of the Standing Committee on State Structure, A.Bekei introduced SC’s stance on the bill.  On Tuesday evening, final discussions were made at the plenary council meeting. Those in attendance of the meeting passed the bill to make amendments to the law of Mongolia on Government and Law on Government structure with a 73.9 percent approval rate, 51 out of 69 MPs.

At that time, MP D.Erdenebat proposed additional amendments related to heavy equipment industries concerning the Ministry of Mining and Energy to be approved by the majority of MP’s. Also to be noted, MP R.Gonchigdorj`s proposal of compliance with the implementation of laws on their day of ratification was approved by the Standing Committee members`.


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