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Economy / Featured News / Mongolia News / Real Estate / September 21, 2015

M.A.D. releases first comprehensive study of affordable housing and the ger area redevelopment process in Ulaanbaatar.”

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With affordable housing and ger area redevelopment becoming ever more important parts of Ulaanbaatar’s urban growth, M.A.D. has conducted a comprehensive study of these two processes. The paper outlines the need and rationale for building decent affordable housing and international best practice, providing context for considering Mongolia’s own efforts to meet the affordable housing challenge and redevelop the ger areas. The main policies, projects, and actors are discussed along with the challenges that continue to affect the process.

The paper brings together information and insights from the major stakeholders in Ulaanbaatar’s urban development, and in particular those with an interest in affordable housing provision. It provides the first comprehensive analysis of the ongoing efforts to redevelop the ger areas and provide decent affordable housing to the city’s population. Noticing the absence of any such similar paper, M.A.D. has decided to make this available for free so as to help foster dialogue on affordable housing and urban redevelopment issues in Ulaanbaatar.

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SOURCE: M.A.D. Investment Solutions

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