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Business / Economy / Mongolia News / August 18, 2015

MNT 9.6 billion spent on landscaping

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Since 25th May, the Ulaanbaatar City Administration Authority has been evaluating how environmentally “friendly” or “unfriendly” various shops and companies in the city are. The entities in the first group receive “smiley” stickers and those in the second receive “pig” stickers. Since the evaluation started, the 57 working teams examined 73033 entities, and provided 2186 entities with smiley stickers and 1368 with pig stickers. As a the result of the competition, shops and companies have spent MNT 9.6 billion on landscaping and cleaning 144.8 hectares and a green area of 23.4 hectares. Currently, the City Administration Authority has terminated the operations of 1 entity entirely and 16 entities temporarily.


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