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Featured News / Mongolia News / Politics / April 25, 2014

Mongolia Decides on Construction Location for New Parliament House

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Regulatory Organ of the Government, the General Agency for Specialized Inspection diagnosed that the some parts of the Government House built in 1951 and 1961 are under “danger situation”.

Coherently, the discussion of building a new Parliament Palace has been continuing in recent few years, but it was postponed several times due to land issues, where the Government of Kuwait earlier pledged to finance the construction.

Thereafter, the Parliament authorities have decided where to construct the new Palace and Secretary of the Parliament Secretariat B.Boldbaatar reported comprehensive information during the press conference held on April 23, 2014.

It was said that the land issue for new Parliament Palace was resolved. Where it expects to build?

The Decree to construct new facility is issued by the State Great Khural (Parliament) and currently it is submitted to the Government for approval. Previous Parliament authorities decided to construct on the space, where garden is located north to Government House, but then some MPs refused claiming that the garden should exist.

Following some investigations under Parliament Speaker ordinance it was resolved to build taking only one third of garden area, moreover experts diagnosed most bushes and trees in the garden are too old and not capable to rehabilitate. Therefore, we plan to restore greenery and move into eastern and western sides of the Government House, where parking lots exist and to construct on this area 2-3 levels underground parking. In other words, green environment would not lessen, instead to be expanded.

First it was decided to construct under Kuwait grant aid, but it has been passed years. How about financial issues, will be provided some additional fund?

Kuwait promised to allocate 12 million USD, but in recent years construction materials’ prices went up and inflation rates also affect that cause insufficient fund, thus it estimates an additional fund is required. Following the calculation about 54 million USD would be necessary, therefore we are negotiating with Kuwaiti side on additional fund.

So, does it mean you are waiting for only financial issues?

The blueprint is completed and if investment issues resolved, the only thing left is to select executive contractors. Renovation and constructional works on current State Palace being made in 1951, 1961, 1981 and 2006 years respectively, where facilities built in 1951 and 1961 years are in critical situation and at risk of collapsing in a major quake.

Do you have a preliminary estimations when to start the construction?

As soon as financial issues resolved, we will announce tender for executors and have a plan to start primary works from this spring.

How many years it estimates to finish the constructing and how many storey-building it will look like?

The term of completion depends on tenders and according to blueprint, the new Palace would be a 14-story building to accommodate halls for standing committee meeting and plenary session, moreover all 76 Parliamentarians will have an equal space rooms and their assistants and advisors will also have a separate rooms.




SOURCE: Info Mongolia

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