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Business / Economy / Featured News / Mongolia News / January 23, 2015

Mongolia is heading in wrong direction

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The American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia introduced the outcomes of their Mongolian Nationwide Business Environment Studies today. This study was funded by the Business Plus Initiative under USAID.

The study was conducted last November covering 1500 adults through Sant Maral Fund and it aimed to determine the sentiment among the citizens on the business environment, foreign investments and political environment in Mongolia.

According to the outcomes of this study Mongolia is not considered as business friendly and the main three issues are:

  • Economic situation,
  • Unemployment,
  • Corruption.

On questionnaire which is the most pressing issue at the current economy the following topped the list:

  • Unemployment
  • Poverty
  • Standard of living.

Moreover, half of the participants have defined Mongolia as heading in the wrong direction.

To the question which party is the has the ability to guide Mongolia through this economic downturn 43 percent have answered none.

Besides introducing on the outcomes of this survey discussions on current macro economic situation and inversments have been conducted among the business representatives.


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