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Business / Economy / Mongolia News / September 24, 2014

Mongolia remains on the FTSE Watch List

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The FTSE Group still considers Mongolia’s capital market important and decides it should remain on the watch list.
On Sep12 2014, Chris Woods, Governance and Policy Director of FTSE Group, sent official letter to Mongolian Stock Exchange JSC.
In this letter, the FTSE Governance Board decided Mongolia should remain on the FTSE Watch List and be entitled to a review again for possible inclusion as a Frontier Market at the next review in September 2015.
FTSE Group decided to put the country on its watch list for the “Frontier Markets” list back in 2012. FTSE compiles global indexes and provides analytical solutions for investors.
FTSE Group, based in Great Britain capital London, is a leading index provider in the world which calculates over 120,000 end-of-day and real time indices covering more than 80 countries.
SOURCE: Mongolian Economy

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