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Mongolia to apply for Eurovision Song Contest

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In a recent meeting chaired by the Mongolian Minister of Culture, it was announced that due to terrible recent musical preferences, Mongolia would bid to enter the Eurovision Contest in order to “demonstrate the clear superiority of Mongolian composers and musicians over their European equivalent”. Mongolia use to have enormous respect for European musical talent, a region which produced many of the greats from Mozart to the Beatles but in has been disappointed with the recent quality of performances. “The fact that this ‘Conchita’ character was even allowed to participate in the last performance is an affront to everything that defines what Music should be” said Mr. Monchopin, a State Honoured Artist “it should be graceful, melodious and pleasing to the ears, its been a long time since Europe produced anything meeting those qualifications”.

If Eurovision is the best that Europe can produce, then the time has come to make the contest global and for Europe to stop walling in its mediocrity” said Mr. Boldbastic, the chairman of the Mongolia Khoomei lobby (“throat singers”) and Friday night’s karaoke singers Association, two influential internal political voices in Mongolia. In a difficult, and often bizarre election period, this desire to participate in the Eurovision song contest has strung a cord with the electorate, keen to further promote Mongolian cultural and musical tradition to the world.

It is expected that President Elbegdorj will mention the request in a private meeting with Mr. Junker during the ASEM proceedings in Ulaanbaatar this July.

SOURCE: M.A.D. April's Fool

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