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Mongolia News / Others / November 27, 2015

Mongolian eco-bus service launched

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Twenty eco-buses designed by Mongolian engineers at Ecobus Company started servicing passengers on November 26.
The buses were given to Zorchigch Teevriin Negtgel bus company on November 25, and will be used for the Officer’s Palace-Khanyn Material route.
During a ceremony for the launching of the buses, Ulaanbaatar Mayor E.Bat-Uul said, “I express my gratitude to the engineers and technical workers who assembled these eco-buses in Mongolia and contributed to the development of public transportation in Mongolia. This is a clear example of national production. For the renewal of public transportation, we need approximately 2,500 buses. To do that, we need your help.”
“The eco-buses are the first step to the development of auto factories in Mongolia. With the production of buses, 66 other factories for tires, batteries, windshields, and mirrors will be built. We have to learn to manufacture. If we build these factories, 30,000 jobs will be created,” said D.Jargalsaikhan, advisor to the Minister of Industry and Ecobus.
Ecobus Company spent 5.3 billion MNT to manufacture the 20 J-800T model buses with Euro-4 motors. Each bus cost 121,000 USD to produce. The interior parts were imported from China and Korea.
“The bus windows don’t frost and they have low fuel consumption, using 28 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. They also don’t release toxic pollutants into the air. The bus is also wheelchair accessible. So, it’s an eco-friendly product,” said D.Jargalsaikhan.
Ecobus Company manufactured the buses with support from the Ulaanbaatar City Council’s Public Transportation Development Program through 2020, and the Mayor’s 2013 to 2016 agenda to develop auto manufacturing in Mongolia, create jobs, and introduce new technology to the city.


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