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Nirvana Hotels Ulaanbaatar disappointed at PM’s Statement

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The Prime Minister of Mongolia has recently made a renewed statement that the “Hotel Mongolia” situation, whereby expats can be held indefinitely in Mongolia without arrest or due cause must be resolved since it is hurting the perception of Mongolia abroad. This move has been applauded nearly universally by foreign investors and the main actors within the private sector of Mongolia but has been decried by at least one entity, the Nirvana hotel group, owned by the Perry Group in Singapore.

“With the collapse of FDI to Mongolia, the Hotel Mongolia situation was one of the few remaining positive contributors to the economy”

Mr. Nofire Nothingtosee, chairman and CEO of Nirvana hotel Ulaanbaatar has been heard as saying at a recent private event, that a large segment of their business rationale for the hotel was dependent on the ‘Hotel Mongolia’ legislation to not only to stay in place but to gather steam. Someone close to Mr. Nothingtosee further added that they had estimated that up to 25% of their rooms would be taken up indefinitely by expats stranded in the country, not to mention the impact on its F&B outlets and its alcohol sales. He was finally heard to say that he hoped, that like previous statements from the PM, this one would be ignored by the cabinet and parliament.

An economist for the BAD furthermore stated privately that “allowing expats to leave the country and thus deprive the economy of a captive audience who would have no choice but to spend money in Mongolia, was a potentially disastrous move for the country. With the collapse of FDI to Mongolia, the Hotel Mongolia situation was one of the few remaining positive contributors to the economy”.

The PM’s office refused to comment officially on this surprising turn of events.

Please note that this article is intended as an April’s fool article and is not meant to be taken seriously. The event or situations it depicts are purely fictional and bear no resemblance to any real life situation.

SOURCE: M.A.D. April's Fool

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