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Economy / Featured News / Mongolia News / Real Estate / November 20, 2014

Number of city’s energy customers grows by 30,000 each year

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State owned companies in charge of Ulaanbaatar Electricity Distribution Network (UBEDN), Ulaanbaatar’s heating network, and Power Plant III, say they are 100 percent ready for a potentially harsh winter in parts of the country this year.
As a result of measures carried out in 2013 and 2014, connections to the public electricity grid were improved for 43,474 households. But there is still great demand for building a substation in the center of the city, due to an annual increase of 30,000 energy customers in the city.
UBEDN now offers its customers online payment options to make it easy to pay bills, review payments, make service requests, access information regarding electricity readers, review service agreements, and to send complaints and suggestions by logging in with a customer code to the website
The network also offers, sharing information about technical conditions of the network, and the website for information about fixed price service, electricity tariffs, to schedule repairs, and to send complaints and suggestions.
Power Plant III has completed preparation plans to provide parts of the city with energy, having resources of 861 tons of oil fuel, and 87,763 tons of coal.
Officials of UBEDN, Ulaanbaatar heating network, and Power Plant III say that improved relations between the city roads, fulfillment and power grid engineering are still required.


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