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Mining / Mongolia News / May 30, 2016

Oyu-Tolgoi receives USD 4.4 billion investment

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On 25th May, The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s (EBRD) Resident Representative in Mongolia, Mr. Matthieu Le Blan confirmed to the analytical journal “Mongolia Metal & Mining”  that the EBRD has transferred the USD 1.22 billion (USD 400 million-A loans; USD 822billion-B loans) to Oyu-Tolgoi in accordance with the plan.

On Friday 26th May, the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) Resident Representative in Mongolia Mr. Nguyen Tuyen also confirmed to the same journal that 22 international banks and financial organizations transferred a total amount of USD 4.4 billion at the same time as the EBRD and that Oyu-Tolgoi received this money on 24th-25th May.


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