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Featured News / Mongolia News / Real Estate / October 22, 2014

Place your Advertisement in the Real Estate Report 2015

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The biggest, the best, the most comprehensive and the most read “bible” on Real Estate investments in Mongolia is back.

The Mongolian Real Estate Report 2015 is the only truly comprehensive, unbiased, in-depth market report on Mongolia’s Property market. Based on over 7,000 transaction records, it sheds a powerful light on the true state of the Ulaanbaatar property market, sector by sector and asset class by asset class.

Distributed all over the world to industry specialists & investors

The report also explores a wide number of 2nd tier cities and uncovers the best investment opportunities of the moment. Beyond simply portraying vast amounts of data in a concise manner, the Mongolian Property Report 2015 includes in-depth analysis and interpretations of the market by dedicated and seasoned real estate specialists based in Mongolia which allows investors to truly understand the scope, challenges and opportunities in an otherwise opaque and complicated market.

Distributed freely & electronically (4500 downloads in last 10 months)

It contains all the essential information needed by investors to make an effective play on the market, with its detailed how-to guides, its extensive directories and its sample agreements, the report is an essential tool for any investor looking at the Mongolian Property Market, regardless of size and scope.

The Best Way to Reach The International & Local Investors, The Expat Community, The Industry Professionals and all International Organisations.




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SOURCE: M.A.D. Investment Solutions

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