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Economy / Featured News / Mongolia News / Politics / November 17, 2014

PM candidate Saikhanbileg promises a way out of economic recession

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Ch.Saikhanbileg has been elected by the Democratic Party to take up the mantle of Prime Minister after the recent ousting of N.Altankhuyag. Saikhanbileg, who was Cabinet Minister in Altankhuyag’s government, said he will work towards addressing the economic recession.
“One general issue is the economic crisis we are currently facing. How to get out of this situation will be the goal of the next government. Hence, all the people with seats in Parliament will leave behind their personal endeavors and focus on the nation’s development. This will be our main principle,” he said.
Saikhanbileg said that there will not be many structural changes in his new government, so as to make everything “stable and in accordance with policies.”
As was speculated, Saikhanbileg confirmed that he will continue the Altankhuyag government’s action plan through 2016 and “work to implement all large scale projects.”
Speaker of Parliament Z.Enkhbold showed full support for his party’s election, sealing the deal for Saikhanbileg. Enkhbold is to lead the Democratic Party since N.Altankhuyag has voluntarily stepped down from his position as the head of the party.
Enkhbold said that Parliament will discuss the candidates for Prime Minister on Tuesday.
“On Monday, we will discuss candidates with other parties. In accordance with the Constitutional Law of Mongolia, since no party has the majority of seats in Parliament, the Democratic Party – which has most seats – will discuss its candidate with other parties. After this, Parliament will approve the Prime Minister on Tuesday,” he said, during a press conference.
When asked about division inside the Democratic Party on Saikhanbileg’s nomination, the Speaker of Parliament said that the National Consultative Committee, which nominated Saikhanbileg, is a “higher representative organization within the party,” and members should respect the committee.
Enkhbold denied the public’s concern that there was a conspiracy behind Altankhuyag’s removal from within Democratic Party, especially by the Shonkhor faction, which played a vital role in the collapse of Altankhuyag’s government.
“Such conflicts were not there. There might have been some groups that made it seem like there were such conflicts. Factions can [have different views] but they must be within their party limits… Having lots of factions means a party is healthy,” maintained the Speaker of Parliament.
President Ts.Elbegdorj has been outspokenly against Altankhuyag’s cabinet members who had “double deels”, positions both in Parliament and government.
Enkhbold said that Saikhanbileg will have full authority to bring in experts to lead his cabinet if he is approved for the role of Prime Minister. He also said that political party heads will not be included in Saikhbileg’s cabinet, as he believes it would interfere with government decisions based on party interests.


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