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Business / Mongolia News / Politics / December 3, 2014

PM meets entrepreneurs to introduce new cabinet’s priorities

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Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg met with entrepreneurs to hear their opinions, in accordance with the new cabinet’s main goal to stabilize the national economy to overcome economic difficulties and support the private sector.
The PM emphasized that the new cabinet will implement pragmatic policy to support businesses. He assured that the cabinet’s work will be evaluated by the number of successfully realized projects, not by the number of regulations or rules it creates.
Ch.Saikhanbileg said that during the cabinet meeting, decisions on backing businesspeople were made and he made the ministries and National Council responsible for working together to implement programs to strengthen the economy.
The National Council aims to reflect the private sector’s proposals and opinions in state policy, which will be focused on stabilizing the macro economy, attracting external and domestic investments, improving the business environment, and activating large construction projects and foreign trade. The council will be open for businesspeople to select representatives for the council.
The Prime Minister highlighted that the government has submitted more than ten bills to Parliament on abolishing bureaucracy at the state level that restricts private sector growth, and added that the cabinet will make efforts to approve these documents. Effective reforms will be put in place for taxes and customs, he added.
The entrepreneurs said they appreciated that the PM invited all political parties to the new cabinet, and underlined that establishing an economic council of all parties and a faction-free cabinet was a correct measure.
Over 70 authorities from major companies attended the meeting organized by the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI), the Unified Association of Employers and the CEO Club.


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