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Mongolia News / Politics / February 2, 2016

Proposal for dismissal of the Prime Minister rejected

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Parliament rejected a proposal for the dismissal of Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg on Thursday, voting in response to a petition submitted by MP G.Uyanga with signatures from 19 MPs .
The parliamentary session was unusually well attended, with 75 out of 76 members  present. The only parliamentarian absent was Kh.Battulga. Seventy-three members participated in the vote, and the dismissal was rejected by a ratio of 41:31.
During the session, head of the Mongolian People’s Party group in Parliament S.Byambatsogt said that his party supported the dismissal of the Prime Minister. But his counterpart from the Democratic Party, B.Garamgaibaatar, said that his party believed the grounds for dismissal were unsubstantiated.
President Ts.Elbegdorj attended the meeting and gave a lengthy speech before the discussion of the proposal began. “Accountability should be asked of people holding official positions. If we are to discuss this type of issue in the future, we should replace a Prime Minister with a Prime Minister. Let’s put a stop to this mechanism where we sack a Prime Minister and start searching for another. We should prune our tree instead of cutting it down. We have to be productive in our approach to holding people accountable,” the President said at the session. “If a Parliament member wants to sack a Prime Minister, they should also submit the name of who should succeed,” he added.
President Ts.Elbegdorj also pointed out that he was booted out of the Prime Minister’s position by Parliament once, and said that such sackings are rarely productive and don’t address the issues at hand.
“It took three to four months for 19 MP’s to sign the petition for [the Prime Minister’s dismissal]. Members understand that this is not the right way to hold the government accountable. Sacking the Prime Minister will not resolve issues. If we are able to work together in the remaining short period of time, many issues can be resolved. Let’s put a stop to bad examples today through our vote. When Parliament gets together as a whole, good decisions are made,” he said.


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