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Featured News / Mongolia News / Politics / December 9, 2014

The new government is to be established

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Prime minister Ch. Saikhanbileg has put the names of his cabinet members to the parliament discussion: 1. Deputy minister U. Khurelsukh, 2. Minister of Mongolia and the Chairman of the Governmental Affairs’ Office S. Bayartsogt, 3. Minister of Environment, Green Development and Tourism D. Oyunkhorol, 4. Minister of Foreign Affairs L. Purevsuren, 5. Minister of Finance J. Erdenbat, 6. Minister of Industry D. Erdenebat,7. Minister of Construction and Urban Development D. Tsogtbaatar,8. Minister of Education, 9. Culture and Science L. Gantumur,10. Minister of Road and Transportation R. Jigjid, 11. Minister of Labor Ts. Chinzorig, 12. Minister of Population Development and Social Protection S. Erdene, 13. Minister of Food and Agriculture R. Burmaa,14. Minister of Energy D. Zorigt and Minister of Mongolia M. Enkhsaikhan.

The Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party nominated G. Shiilegdamba for the Minister of Health and Ts. Tsolmon for the Minister of Defense. The issues related to Ministers are now under discussion at the permanent committees.

SOURCE: Mongolian Economy

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