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Business / Mongolia News / Politics / January 12, 2015

Ts.Elbegdorj ordered to do cutbacks starting from the top

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(Ulaanbaatar) Jan 9, President Ts.Elbegdorj attended the State Great Khural Plenary session. Although he was expected at 2PM he arrived at 3PM.

In his speech addressed to MPs he mentioned that Private Sector is crawling and there are no more juices left at all. In order to overcome the economic recession he called for the State to reboost the businesses and public trust in State. He said that public trust can be restored easily with Solution, Punishment and Filter ( in Mongolian language these three words start with “Sh”, therefore President used the term “trust can be restored with three “Sh”s).

By Filter President represents the State Service and urged the state service to be prompt, easy to follow and responsive. Moreover, he said that state service should not act as a lock, especially a lock that opens up with money and that State should not any budget for the incompetent services.

By Punishment President represents responsibility, citing to the public resentment triggered by the acts that are punishable, but yet no acts have been implemented. MPs should be ones to demand responsible operation of the State as they were elected to represent the public. In view of this President also mentioned that he initiated draft bill on Public Hearing and submitted to the State Great Khural. The law is to provision the MPs to have rights to ask for responsibilities.

State should be under State Great Khural, Aimag Khural to preside over aimag, District Khural to preside over districts and Soum Khural to preside over soums. Easy as this. We need to approve the draft bill as soon as possible, in order to ensure the responsibility system and structure at all levels.

Next draft bill is on the Citizen Involvement and related legislations. Without proper involvement of the public it is impossible to build proper civil society. This law provisions the involvement of the citizens, their rights and their responsibilities as well. This is to secure the the civil rights. Public involvement is the right way for bettering the society, securing the responsibility system and solving the pressing issues.

Recent meeting with the representatives of the private sector have once again proved that State needs to protect domestic manufacturers and those who are creating the weatlh. Mongolia should not be ashamed to protect and support its private sector. Only thing the private sector asking is a decent and proper state support.

In view, of this Cabinet of Ch.Saikhanbileg, came up with the new ministerial structure, Ministry of Industry, which will be the main structure to much needed support for businesses. Moreover, in order to provide the continuous and proper support I will release a decree with directions for the cabinet.

Another remark was made at the budget adjustment. President called the State to do cutbacks starting from top and not from the bottom and stated that he will start this wave with expense cutbacks at Office of the President. He said: “Cutbacks should be done at Cabinet, State Great Khural and so on at all levels of government structure first. If one cannot do it let the others do. If you cannot do it, let the public do so.”


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