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Featured News / Mongolia News / Politics / August 18, 2015

UB and Denver Mayors discuss Airport Projects

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A delegation headed by the Mayor of the US city of Denver, Michael Hancock and other officials are currently making an official visit to Mongolia. In the framework of the visit, (10th-15th August), the guests were introduced to the operations of “Chinggis Khaan Airport”. Also, the two sides had a meeting to exchange the Denver experience, which focused on the modernization of “Stapleton Airport” in Denver some 25 years ago.  Ulaanbaatar City Mayor E.Bat-Uul, chief of the UB City Administration Yo.Gerelchuluun, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, and Honorary Consul of Mongolia for Colorado Jim Wagenlander held a detail discussion. During this meeting, Mr. Bat-Uul said: “After we launch the new international airport in Khushigt Valley, we will need to decide the future of the current “Chinggis Khaan Airport”. Therefore, we are planning to develop Nisekh and Yarmag into a new town which will include a new development on the site of the old airport.”


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