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Ulaanbaatar: Becoming a better place to live

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Several large scale leisure and recreational places have opened up this year in Ulaanbaatar. In an effort to develop the city into a more friendly place to live in, individuals, government and companies have spent substantial time and fortune to actualize these projects. The following is a little introduction about the projects.

Nogoonnuur Park

Nogoonnuur Park opened on May 1. When we visited the park, the place was filled with children laughing and riding small boats in the lake.
S.Ulziitogtolkh who worked in North Korea for three years, from 2005-2008, has managed to build a new park and he is cleaning much of the garbage and waste around Nogoonnuur to make it more comfortable for visitors.
Nogoonnuur Lake was discovered after Denjiin Myanga’s gravel mine accidentally encountered an underground water reserve which flooded the mine, forcing its operators to cease operations. S.Ulziitogtokh saw an opportunity and decided to build a park around the lake and he has been working on the project for three years. As a result of the vision, now adults and children living in the area gained a chance to ride boats and a place to spend their leisure time.
S.Ulziitogtokh’s dream is to develop the park into a special place for people to enjoy themselves and spend leisure time. He is planning to manage the park in two different ways for warm and cold seasons. In summer, an open swimming pool will be built and the lake will be used for boat riding. In winter, it’s possible to use the park as an ice rink. S.Ulziitogtokh is confident that his dream will be realized in the coming years.
The park was originally aimed at children living in the ger district who have limited places to play and spend free time. S.Ulziitogtokh confided that he felt quilty knowing how children in ger distinct, who sometimes live in extremely difficult condition, might look back on their childhood without play and only bitter memories. So he felt that a park is an ideal solution to the issue.
“As a youth, as an optimistic person, I dreamed that the future will be bright and I can fulfill my dream to build a great park named ‘Nogoonnuur’. My fundamental goal is this, not an interest to earn profit,” he said.
S.Ulziitogtokh begun his work with large scale cleaning at Nogoonnuur. He hired people to clean, and sometimes he also worked to clean the environment. “There were two truck full of waste after the cleaning,” he said. After the cleaning, he started to build a bridge, road and erected a fence to protect the environment.
Although the task of growing plants and trees and building a park in an abandoned and neglected area alone was not understood. But S.Ulziitogtokh kept pursuing his dream, despite his wife’s opposition. He spent a small fortune for landscaping and for other work from his family income. When he came back from North Korea, he did not have much money. Although he has bank loans, he’s happy to begin his work at the park, he said.
At the park, children pay 500 MNT to rent a small boat for 15 minutes and adults pay 1,000 MNT. Boat rent costs 2,000 MNT for an hour.

National Garden

The newly opened National Garden has already become a popular destination for city dwellers to spend their leisure time. The garden has impressed Ulaanbaatar residents with its comfort provision and new solutions. The National Garden is located south of Dunjingarav trade center and Tuul River bank and covers 960 hectares of land. It’s green area takes up 23 percent of Ulaanbaatar’s total area and it is the biggest green area in the city. The park has fountains, a children’s playground, a Police square, a sports complex that takes up 2.7 hectares, a football field, basketball courts, tennis courts, ski tracks, a race track and a bicycle track. A 2.7 km long additional bicycle track opened on June 2, which is proving incredibly popular.

National Amusement Park

The National Amusement Park has been a favorite destination of children in the nation since November 1965. It is located at the center of the city and takes up 35 hectares of land. Green areas take up 25 hectares, ponds and lake take up 1.8 hectares, and games and rides take up 5.6 hectares. The National Amusement Park has 15 games and rides, such as “Bongo’s World” game center, automatic game center, bowling, and video games based on modern technology. The park has six restaurants, small shopping centers and birthday/ special occasion centers. It’s mostly crowded on holidays and special occasions such as Children’s Day.

Grand Maitreya Project

Grand Maitreya Project was initiated in 2009 and it includes many establishments, buildings and constructions. Grand Maitreya Project includes four main constructions. The first is the construction of the 54 meter tall, fifth Buddhist God of Future Maitreya, which will be the tallest statue in Mongolia, accompanied by a 108 meter tall Zarlig Uvidastyn Stupa. The second project is Soyombo Town Complex, the third is Maitreya Eco City, and the last construction will plant trees around the statue of Grand Maitreya.
Grand Maitreya will be built in Sergelen soum of Tuv province, located 50 kms from Ulaanbaatar. Soyombo Town Complex will include a park named “Buddha Land” which will be one of the largest parks in Mongolia. The park is expected to be built by 2020.



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