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Economy / Featured News / Mongolia News / July 2, 2014

Water, sewage and heating services to be provided to 30,000 residents

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Minister of Economic Development N.Batbayar and Permanent Representative of Asia Development Bank in Mongolia Robert Schoellhammer signed the first phase of a loan agreement on the “Ger Areas Development and Investment Support Program” last Saturday, June 28. At the signing ceremony, Deputy Mayor of Ulaanbaatar, responsible for construction, urbanization and investment issues, S.Ochirbat was also present to co-sign the document. Chairman of the Capital City Council D.Battulga, Chief of the Ulaanbaatar Governor’s Office Yo.Gerelchuluun, and other officials attended the signing ceremony.
The three-year project objectives are to restructure the ger districts in Ulaanbaatar with the participation of residents, expand the water supply, sewage and heating service, and improve social and economical infrastructure. The Bayankhoshuu and Selbe areas, indicated as strategic development territories in the Ulaanbaatar General Development Plan, will be developed as sub-centers of Ulaanbaatar. As a result, water, sewage and heating services, paved roads, parks and technical and vocational education and training centers will be built in ger districts, and thus, comfortable ger districts will be established.
Asia Development Bank and European Investment Bank will provide soft loans, commercial loans, and grants totalling 82.08 million USD. The Ulaanbaatar City Administration will finance 22.42 million USD, and a total investment of 104.5 million USD will be provided for the program.
Upon successful implementation of the program, sub-centers with highway and engineering infrastructure will be established, and the efficiency of financial and state services will be improved.
Bayankhoshuu sub-center:
It will cover the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 28th khoroos of Songinokhairkhan district.
Current number of residents: 21,102
Selbe sub-center:
It will cover the 14th khoroo of Sukhbaatar District, and the 14th and 18th khoroos of Chinggeltei District.
Current number of residents: 10,443

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