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Economy / Featured News / Mongolia News / January 13, 2015

Working group to audit Bank of Mongolia

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Speaker of Parliament Z.Enkhbold backed MPs who suggested establishing a working group to audit the Bank of Mongolia during the discussion of 2015 budget revisions during Thursday’s plenary session.

MP G.Uyanga objected to the cut of allowances for mothers and children and commented, “Authorities are getting fat while civilians are tightening belts on spending. In such hard times, the Bank of Mongolia has distributed  60 to 100 million MNT to directors of its departments and offices.”

The Speaker wanted an official reply from the Bank of Mongolia on the issue raised by MP G.Uyanga. First Deputy Governor of Bank of Mongolia B.Javkhlan replied, “The report is unwarranted. There is no bonus granted except  an annual performance bonus equal to a month’s pay.”

The  suggestion to create a working group to audit Chinggis Bond and Samurai Bond spending was backed by Speaker Z.Enkhbold.


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